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by : Muhammad FakhryroziImage

The democratic environment in Indonesia has led this country to the openness and positive check and balances. As we see today any subjects in society are criticizing each other, executive are criticized by legislative, legislative are criticized by media and NGO, media and NGO criticized by civil people. That is not the only pattern, because each subjects are criticizing in multi-direction way so each subjects is getting critics from any other subjects. The result that expected is the fraud reduction by all of the subjects. In more ‘positive tone’, the all elements in society now are giving advice each other to create a better society. This trend led to a more crowd and noisy society. We are getting tired to deal with this situation. We are tired to criticize the government and senate. The social media are full of complaints, skepticism until insults.

 Result that expected from the government/executives is a better performance in serving the society. Now every government body are transforming themselves to be a better service provider. At least from some government bodies i can see that they are trying to improve themselves. In transmigration office there is a more comfortable service process and ambience inside it’s building. In driving lisence service counter there are a more difficulties in bribing the individual. The corruption and fraud are still exist and i think still in a significant amount but there is an improvement progress that we have to appreciate. We are on the track of transformation.

Thanks to the internet that has helped us provide the platform to express freely our complaints and aspirations. We can freely criticize President SBY, Head of National Police, the corrupt senator, a political party leaders, until a closest to our interest such e-KTP service committee. Now the government bodies are thinking twice to let their ‘customers’ displeased. Their ear are getting hotter by all of the negative expression in the conventional and social media.

The people are not only can be relentless but they also can be so nice with particular situation. We currently see from the KPK vs. Polri case that the people were giving their support so badly for KPK because KPK perceived as a clean body which has an intention to reduce the corruption. KPK gain a massive support from the mass. We also see from a victory of Jokowi that the people are supporting Jokowi so badly because they appreciate him as a clean and nice leader who will bring hope for future Jakarta. But the democratic environment still let other small group in society to give a negative expression to KPK by saying this body too arrogant, or saying Jokowi is only building his image not do the substance.

So i think any government body now has a chance to be admired by the public. Once they can grab the public’s heart they can gain a massive support. The support will spread across the internet platform and potentially become a primary national issue. I think this appreciation will make other bodies envy and will force them to improve too. The leader of the body which get a praises will be more motivated to do a better job.  

Becoming a more professional service provider is potentially can improve the government image in Indonesia. In order to do that government has to take a look at innovation. They can not survive in this relentless environment with the old ways in doing things. In making change the new ways to create values the ultimate requirement.