by: Muhammad Fakhryrozi.In this landscape that are changing so dramatic, Indonesia’s government bodies are facing a shock. The rise of middle class, the adoption of mobile devices and social devices, the democratization among society are forcing government bodies to rethink their day to day activities. The society members now are getting smarter than before. They become more demanding, they become more critical. The time when things like service excellence, innovation, responsiveness, technology adoption are subjects that are unpopular among society, because the regime and the environment didn’t  allowed such requirements to enable those subjects, had gone. This is a new time for Indonesia’s government bodies to fundamentally change themselves.

I have a personal  funny story on how Indonesia’s government body now are experiencing such a shock.  While i was visiting transmigration bureau for company duty, i saw a weird situation. I went there with my workmate  wearing a usual business attire with a name tag. The other people here mostly didn’t formally dressed like us and didn’t asked anything but following the administration process of transmigration . So we were look different. We asked the security to meet the head of the office. We wanted to enter the office. The security allowed us to enter the office and we went on stairs to 2nd floor which are the office of the bureau.

We entered the office room and we saw everyone were suspicious of our coming to their room. We tried to ask somebody to meet the head but she led us to other person, kind of division head or something. The person look suspicious of us, he asked us our intention. Our intention was to meet up with head office and discussing some ideas of consulting project or other partnership – I have been working in management consulting firm . Unfortunately maybe my friend didn’t clearly explain our good intention, or the diction was not proper, he became more suspicious and he look resistant to our intention. However finally he allowed us to meet with the head after we had tried to convince that we want to “help” and support their work.

We entered the head’s room. Our interaction were awkward at the early discussion. The head didn’t clearly get our company profile and our objective meet with her. She said that she would retire from the job soon because she had been old enough that time. She also said that she had worked here for  a long time.  

Finally the ice broke. The interaction became easier. She became more open to us. She said, “Early I was guessing that you both from KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission)”. We were laughing and then made sure that we were from private sector and didn’t came from any audit institution or other government bodies. Maybe because we were wearing formal attire with name tag, asking many things about the bureau, she and her officer were suspicious of us.

Then she told us that she was afraid of any apparatus like KPK or BPK (Finance Audit Body). She didn’t want to be engaged in such a corruption case. She also told that her institution had been changed significantly. She said that she never engage in any fraud activities. She would be retired and she believed that she would never caught by any apparatus. She looked so afraid at the early conversation, although we were not have any intention on something like that.

Then the topic of our conversation went to current condition. We and her both agreed that now the situation were changing so fast. She admitted that her bureau were having many fraud in the past. She told that her office now had changed and now did care to governance, service excellence and so on. She also admitted that now the society become so relentless in judging the government individual who engage in bribery or any other fraud. She really didn’t want to engage in such case.

I see from this experience that now the government people are experiencing such a shock that has been led them to the awareness of the need for improvement. I think this is a good signal at the macro level. These shocks should push the whole government bodies to change themselves and being better in serving the society. This emerging awareness should be supported by the innovation and improvement ideas. They need help. They need ideas of where to next. They don’t want to be judged by the relentless society members.