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by: Muhammad Fakhryrozi.ImageWith it’s surprising growth and dynamics social landscape, Indonesia needs a strong government to underpin. Strong doesn’t mean that government have to be relentless and authoritative but being creative and agile is more proper to this new era. Current situation needs  creativity and agility that implied on government’s service delivery, policies and decisions making, and also operational processing.

At least there are three major trends that forces our society now. These trends are currently happening in  modern society like the west and are emerging in new economy countries like Indonesia. These trends have disrupted many rules that used to be complied both in business or in government sector. Government has to take a look at these trends then build up their plan for change based on these trends.

The first trend is social trend. The social media , the web 2.0 and the mobile device has led people to engage in more social situation. Government should involve in society’s social platform. It’s doesn’t enough for one government body to create twitter and facebook account then informing they agendas and policies. The nature of social platform is a multi-way communication, it’s not only one way or two way. So it’s very important for government to tap into the social platform used by society, then listen to the crowd upon a specific public service issue, and use that as a very valuable insight.

 The second trend is experiential trend, people now have a great chance to involve more actively in any activities they want which in the past they have no chance. For example now whoever can express themselves in blog. Any ideas from mainstream to taboo can be expressed. One who were nobody in the past now can even express their political opinion toward president, regarding ‘heavy issues’ in human right, law, corruption eradication and so on on twitter. So now we’ve got many twitterland leaders who have many followers and can be really influential although they have no superior title or position in the offline world. In the past, the opportunity for the society members, to involve in political agenda like local election or social activism was limited. There are few elites who were aware and actively engage with the activities. The rest are only a ‘politicized people’ who become only a ‘tool’. But now there a lot of social activism in the world and sometimes quickly become well-known and get a vast amount of support such as Occupy Wall Street. In terms of Indonesia context, we saw that there were a surprising participation from Indonesian people when the Jakarta election held. People were creating a very dynamics conversation toward the election on many internet platforms.

It’s also happen in business. Now customer want to engage in product creation process (co-creation).  They also want to be actively become brand ambassador and shape the brand the way they want. Now company can not target the customers as an objects but must let the customers socially decide what they want and do what they desire.

Therefore, now governments are encouraged to think how they can change their system and nature to become fit with the desire of the society to be actively engaged.

The third trend among these three major trends are mobile trend. This trend has pushed company and government to redefine many things in terms of their day to day activities from their strategy to deal with the society/market to tactical operation to serve them. The inspiring example of how government can utilize this trend can be seen from the US healthcare body. They have utilized the big amount of healthcare data then put them into an accessible platform. The aim is the utilization of the data in the platform by the entrepreneurs and small innovative ventures to be a more attractive package that can serve the society. They make the data “liquid” instead of put them in an exclusive place which can not create a benefit for the society. Many innovation finally appeared because of the attempt. That innovation can reached the society member’s mobile device in various creative ways and give benefits which previously never felt.